Document management system (DMS)

Document management system (DMS)

Fast access to all documents

The archiving and management of your electronic and digitized documents is integrated into winweb-food.

All relevant documents from purchasing to sales are stored immediately during processing and are fully automated in your document management system. Receipts that you receive in paper form (e.g. incoming invoices, confirmed incoming goods or signed delivery notes in sales) are digitized with document scanners and automatically fed to the DMS in winweb-food.

DMS - completely integrated into winweb-food without sub-systems and without complex interfaces.

Functions at a glance

Automated and standardized processing

All documents from the relevant business processes from purchasing to sales (e.g. incoming goods notes, QA checks, delivery notes, invoices, EDI documents), all digital document forms from external systems such as e-mails, attachments in e-mails, Office documents scanning of paper documents with document scanners (e.g. confirmed incoming goods notes, signed delivery notes, incoming invoices, agreements, contracts)

Protection against changes to archived documents

Research according to document classes (cataloging), keywords, file attributes (name, file date, DMS date), areas (purchasing, sales, QA, electronic filing in winweb), according to customers, suppliers, business partners, location-independent access to all documents

„No customers are left out in the rain. And you get valuable help at short notice.“

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