Shop system/Store accounting

Shop system/Store accounting

Centrally controlled - electronically connected shop scales and cash registers

The electronic connection of the store scales and cash registers to the shop system in winweb-food and the automatic data exchange to your integrated shop scale system ensures targeted store control.

The branch-related master data, such as items, PLUs, retail prices, special offers and operators are stored in the central system, managed and automatically transferred to the integrated shop scale system.

The branches are invoiced per period by the head office based on the store delivery and the store sales data. You will receive all information about sales, items, special offers, shortages, operators, etc. The shop management information system gives you a variety of evaluation options up to the receipt and operator level.

Functions at a glance

Basic data

Items, prices (debit prices and retail prices), special offers, store costs, operators, operator assignment, store data, store customer assignment, discounts, tare, PLUs of the store scales

Receipt evaluation

Display of POS data by day, receipt number, time, operator working hours, items, quantity and value

Integrated shop scales

Connection and central control of integrated shop scale systems (e.g. Mettler, Bizerba, DIGI) to the central winweb-food system; automated data exchange, PLU data transmission, order and inventory data, cash report and delivery notes

Store evaluation

Cash register receipts, recording of store delivery with the delivery quantities for each item at debit prices and shop sales prices, consideration of loss, gross accounting, quantity evaluation, shop management info system, item-accurate inventory evaluation

„The way it's built, it fits the processes and requirements of a big butcher shop. The people who made this software just have a knack for this industry“

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