Touchscreen programs

Touchscreen programs

Ergonomic operation - simple, fast, structured

Specially developed user interfaces take into account the special requirements when recording internal processes.

With the touchscreen programs, the inputs for acquisition are accelerated by the accurate display of processes and simple operation so you can achieve noticeable time and cost savings.

Process sequences can be set by defining which input fields are to be processed in which order, scale and cash register functions can be configured, as can product images and button size and color.

Functions at a glance


Manufacturer-independent use of ergonomic touchscreen systems in line with industrial standard (IP65 protected) e.g. from Computech, Caitron, Forsis


Configuration of the touch surface through flexible setting options (size and color of the buttons, display in the form of illustrations, e.g. sections for recording the cutting output, sequence of input fields, display size, etc.), configurable keyboard


Depending on process and sequence with integration of weighing, scanning, MDE radio data acquisition, label printing, cash register functions, quality control

Touch programs

  • Touch incoming goods with automatic weighing and individual weighing per item
  • Touch stock movement
  • Touch production order
  • Touch ready message
  • Touch finished package control
  • Touch gas analysis
  • Touch customer order
  • Touch outgoing goods with automatic weighing and individual weighing per item
  • Touch labeling
  • Touch load control & sandwich pallet
  • Touch classification

„Coworkeres have even arrived five minutes earlier so they could work at a test workstation with a touchscreen and scanner.“

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