Batch tracing/Traceability

Batch tracing/Traceability

Complete documentation and transfer of origin and processing data

The collection and documentation of origin and processing data takes place along the process chain, the data transfer to all important traceability platforms takes into account the different target formats.

Consistently integrated batch tracking ensures compliance with legal regulations and guidelines in your company. Ergonomic touchscreen systems with the connection of peripheral devices (e.g. scales, scanners, label printers) ensure that the collection of the source and processing data is integrated into the processes and is supported by the system according to specifications. This eliminates the need for costly double entry as well as incorrect entries, while at the same time reducing costs through optimized process structures.

winweb-food transfers electronic data to all important traceability platforms (GS1 fTRACE, ALDI ATC or myNetFair) and bilaterally to partners of upstream and downstream stages. With traceability messages, winweb-food provides the interface programs that take into account the different target formats when generating the batch information and support the respective data transmission path to the recipient of the message. In addition, products are labeled to end customers according to the traceability requirements when pricing.

Functions at a glance

Batch concepts

Flexible storage in winweb-food depending on the product and process
Pre-defined batch base types (e.g. delivery date, slaughter number, origin, purchasing document number, external batch number, production date, production order number)
Batch rules: Can be defined flexibly
Batch reservation in the sales order

Batch evaluation

Batch evaluation across all process stages from incoming goods to warehouse, cutting, production and packaging to outgoing goods
Representation of the processing chain down to the single batch level at the touch of a button on the screen
Evaluation of incoming and outgoing batches (forwards and backwards tracking)
Evaluation across several batches, for a specific lot/batch number or a specific best-before date

Traceability messages

To different platforms such as
  • GS1 fTRACE
  • myNetFair
  • ATC (ALDI Süd, ALDI Nord)
Interface to upstream and downstream ERP systems
Messages possible on the basis of:
  • Customers
  • Items
  • Receipts
Completed price labeling orders (traceability PL)


Labeling of end products according to the requirements of the LMIV
Merging of several batches into one traceability batch (for traceability notification)
Display of batch data on documents (e.g. delivery notes, labels)
Compliance with the requirements according to EU Regulation 178/2002 (Basic Regulation) and the Food Information Regulation (LMIV) according to EU Regulation 1169/2011

„We have created extremely precise processes with a high share of scanning along the entire value chain, guaranteeing optimal traceability. ...“

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