Reliable planning, controlled cutting results and secure calculation

The cutting module optimizes your cutting planning, and the control and accounting of the cutting yield is given optimal support.

winweb-food controls your entire cutting process, from target costing and cutting order planning to recording of the actual situation and subsequent cutting evaluation (target/actual comparison). The current purchase prices for coarse parts and sections are included in the cutting calculation so that your product costing and contribution margin accounting are always based on the current purchasing conditions.

This results in a secure calculation basis and optimal use of materials in terms of price, quantity and quality.

Functions at a glance

Basic data

Workstations, cost types and cutting lists to illustrate the cutting of coarse and fine parts, taking into account distributable costs per share and cutting stage

Price handover of internal prizes

Basis for further product costing and contribution margin accounting

Cutting order

Automatic transfer of orders for cutting from incoming goods or separate entry on the basis of warehouse stocks: Basis for target cutting calculation

Calculation and evaluation

Forward and backward calculation of a cutting list on the screen
Recording of random samples in the cutting process for checking and adapting existing cutting lists, cutting evaluation by piece and by kg (target/actual comparison)

Cutting input/output

With ergonomic Touch programs, automatic charging and connection of scales, scanners, label printers, flap, tube track and conveyor belt controls (SPS connection)

Recording of the actual situation

Stock postings based on created cutting orders, automatic batch formation according to predefined criteria (e.g. origin)

„The winweb-food software takes into account both the specific requirements of Schröders Fleisch GmbH and the special features of an EU cutting plant.“

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